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wawa_lovers's Journal

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We love Wawa
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For people who love Wawa!

Tell us your favorite Wawa stories, sales, and finds!

An Open Prayer to the God of Wawa:

Oh, God of Wawa...we praise thee. We mere mortals up here in Northeast America would be lost without thy Shorti hoagies, thy cream cheese pretzels, thy wraps, soups and sides, thy various assortments of flavored teas, breakfast sammiches, and thine coffees...

...Oh yeah, thine coffees. For how can we commute every morning without thy flavored brews and thine ever-orgasmic cappacinos. For without caffeine, how could the future workers of America get through their 1 AM college studies? And those of us who screw up their sleep clock so they need to stay up all day?

Oh, you overwhelm us, and are open 24 hours a day.

..Let us pray. Amen. -tardischan

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